~Malzburg Airbrush Edition~

~Malzburg Airbrush Edition~

You have a tank and want a special paint job that looks realistic?

Then you are at the right Place!

You can see many different examples on our picture page! Here the link

The tanks shown in the pictures are not included!

You can also send us pictures by email with your idea!

Note the processing time of at least 4 weeks!

The tank is painted in the assembled state! There are hardly any corners on the tank that we cannot reach with the airbrush gun.

Because the human eye is not able to look between the wheels of the track rollers, the back of the aprons or the upper hull from the inside or the underside of the turret while a tank is moving!

Procedure if you send your own tank to us:

  •     select item MM_MAE_000 ~MAE~ "tank1/16" paint for your RC tank 1:16
  •     if your tank is unpainted (bare metal), then you also need MM_MAE_001 ~MAE~ "Primer" for your RC tank 1:16
  •     We will contact you and discuss the details
  •     You send us your vehicle
  •     We will send you pictures before shipping


Depending on the order situation, we need about 21-50 days for painting. Christmas wishes should be ordered by mid-November to ensure delivery by December 24th. to guarantee.

We brush and age with Vallejo and MIG acrylics and pigments.

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~ MAE ~ "basic color" for your RC tank 1:16

Product no.: MM_028

Malzburg Airbrush Edition - basic color

99.00 *
ca. 30-60 days

~ MAE ~ "tank1/16" paint for your RC tank 1:16

Product no.: MM_030

Malzburg Airbrush Edition

199.00 *
40-50 days
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery