~Montage~ Zimmerit for your tank 1/16 (handmade)

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~Montage~ Zimmerit for your tank 1/16

pure handmade!

This is usually necessary with some Tiger 1 or Tiger II or Panther.

We use Magic Sculp!
Statement about Zimmerit:

Zimmerit was a paste mainly used by the German Wehrmacht in the Second World War for coating tanks for protection against magnetic mines.

Zimmerit was a concrete-like paste that was applied to the armor and then cured with a blowtorch. The result was an uneven surface that was poorly adhered to by magnetic mines. Zimmerit was not applied flat, but applied with a toothed spatula or with stamps in waffle form, so that a characteristic surface structure resulted. With this structure, it was intended to maximize the distance between the armor surface and any detention mines while minimizing material usage, weight and drying time.

In September 1944, the installation of Zimmerit was stopped when there was a rumor that the mixture could be set on fire by shell fire. Although this rumor could be refuted by bombing tests, Zimmerit was no longer used until the end of the war.

The paste was a mixture of barium sulfate (40%), polyvinyl acetate (25%), ocher pigment (15%), sawdust (10%) and zinc sulfide (10%), which was developed in 1943 by Chemische Werke Zimmer AG. An assault gun required 70 kilos of Zimmerit.


You only buy here the assembly, the tank and the paint are not included in the price!

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