1/16 Kit ~ Conversion kit for object 704 - MK Modellbau

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1/16 Kit ~ Conversion kit for object 704 - MK Modellbau

Conversion kit to Obj. 704 cast from resin. With this conversion kit can be built from a KV 1 Obj. 704. The resin parts still need to be serged. An assembly manual is included. The kit consists of about 140 parts. The wheels and the associated chassis parts are cast from black resin. So that they are better for RC operation.

(The corner plate has been renewed and made true to original, The tanks have still received small handles.)

In the resin parts may be trapped air, or a possible reworking is necessary. Parts are delivered to cast boxes.


1x Obj. 704 kit (130,00€)
1x black resin rollers  (35,00€)
1x Aluminum Cannon (152mm KWK ML-20SM) (35,00€)

* Kit is not built and varnished, content of the kit see pictures in the article (spare resin parts).


We also offer the conversion, with and without painting, just write me a Email for a cost estimate!

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