Elmod - 4WD

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Elmod - 4WD

The universal central unit combines a variety of driving, lighting and sound functions in a compact board. With various expansion options you do not compromise and shape the range of functions according to your needs.

Scope of delivery

  • ElMod 4WD board
  • Power supply cable
  • One cable for the drive motor
  • Cable set for analog receiver (eight channels + power supply)
  • Volume control and connection cable for loudspeakers
  • Four cables for the lighting
  • USB dongle with USB cable
  • Four double-sided adhesive foam rubber dots for fixing the board in the model

Optional accessories

  • FX Expander: servos, turn signals and advanced light functions
  • FX SBus: Connects to SBus-compatible receivers. Allows up to 16 channels to be used.
  • ElMod Bluetooth: configuration and driving functions via Bluetooth®


  • 10 A strong, short-circuit and overload protected driver for the drive motor
  • Physics engine: realistic driving behavior by simulating mass inertia. The vehicle drives "like a big one". Acceleration, deceleration, top speed, gear shifting and many other characteristics are simulated.
  • All driving parameters are adjustable


  • Steering via steering axe and a servo motor with optional speed-dependent steering traverse
  • With optionally available FX Expander: Steering of up to two more individually configurable steering axes via servos with optional speed-dependent steering traverse


  • With optional FX Expander:
    • MG muzzle flash via LED with adjustable firing cadence
    • Vertical and horizontal adjustment of the main gun with servo motors
  • Shot sound of the main weapon


  • One or two LEDs can be connected directly to all light channels. No further wiring is necessary.
  • All light connections are short circuit proof. The LEDs can not be damaged in case of accidental polarity reversal.
  • Dimmable front light that can be switched off via the remote control
  • Combined tail light with brake light with separately adjustable brightness
  • With optional FX Expander:
    • Three additional freely assignable light channels
    • Indicator with warning light function

Servo functions

  • With optional FX Expander: connect up to two servos for different functions, for example (list not complete):
    • vertical and horizontal movement of the main gun
    • control of additional steering axis
    • Opening and closing of hatches
    • Operating windshield wipers or radar
  • Max. 2 A continuous current consumption for all servos together

Sound generation and noise

  • Support of all ElMod sample sets for extra prototypical sound reproduction
  • Integrated sound unit plays several different sounds simultaneously
  • Sound types drive
    • Multiple starter sounds with distinction between cold and warm start
    • Multiple shutdown and start-up sounds, engine sounds for driving with simulated gear changes and distinction between full load, part load, engine brake and mechanical brake.
    • Turbocharger whistling
  • No steps between engine sounds
  • Speed-dependent driving sounds such as chain or chassis squeal
  • Optional ambient and environmental noises
  • Speed-dependent turret rotation noise with optional distinction between drive without and with motor assistance
  • Sound for elevation of the main gun
  • Fire from main gun optionally as single shot or continuous fire (e.g. flak)
  • Variable sounds for bullet impact with simulation of impact at different distances
  • Shooting noise for MG
  • Up to 24 individual sounds that can be triggered via the radio system, such as horn, radio announcements, etc.
  • Plain text announcement when battery voltage is too low/too high
  • Configurable volume level of a noise type (e.g. raising the volume of the MG and lowering the volume of the engine) and configuration of multiple sound parameters
  • Adjustment of the volume via an included rotary potentiometer
  • Adjustment of the volume via a rotary knob on the remote control
  • All included sample sets are stored on a PC/notebook-readable microSD card. They may be changed at runtime via the ElMod app.
  • Integrated 10 W digital audio amplifier for connecting an 8 ohm speaker


Analog receiver
  • A commercial model remote control system (transmitter and receiver, 40 MHz or 2.4 GHz)
  • Connection for up to eight channels
  • Two channels for driving
  • One channel for optional volume control
  • A total of 20 additional functions can be assigned largely freely in addition to the basic functions
  • The receiver requires no additional power supply. 5 V BEC are provided
    • Requires the optionally available FX SBus
  • An SBus compatible model remote control system
  • Use of up to 16 channels
  • Simple wiring. Only one connector with three wires for power and all signals.
  • Four channels for basic functions (driving, turret, weapons)
  • One channel for optional volume control
  • A total of 44 other functions can be distributed over 11 channels in addition to the basic functions
  • The receiver does not require an additional power supply. 5 V BEC are provided
Bluetooth / USB
  • For wireless connection. Requires the optional Bluetooth adapter.
  • Control conveniently on an Android smartphone or tablet or PC or notebook


  • The free ElMod app provides extensive configuration options on the computer
  • USB dongle with a USB cable is included
  • Available for Microsoft® Windows® 10, Apple® MacOS® and Android®
  • Parameterization, status information and control of all vehicle functions
  • Individual vehicle profiles can be created and saved


  • Operation on NiCd, NiMh or LiPo, LiIon batteries with a voltage between 7.2 V and 11.2 V
  • Undervoltage cutoff to protect against deep discharge
  • Overvoltage shutdown
  • All connectors of socketed type
  • Included commercial 15A automotive fuse for drive protection
  • Integrated resettable SMD fuse for protection of turret functions
  • Compact dimensions (63 mm x 39 mm / 2.5" x 1.5")
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