About us

About us
04/01/2014 Company founded in Niedersachsen.
10/07/2014 Opening of the section Modellbau.
08/01/2015 The company moves to Röbel / Müritz.
03/01/2016 The company moves to Sietow.
04/01/2020  Opening of the section Art.
04/23/2021 Brand entry for Malzburg® models!
You can find many pictures of our art in our gallery!
We have been offering you a 1:16 model system in the open-air area with drivable roads since 2016!
Spare parts, accessories and colors are only available on request or in the Remnants section!

If you do not find something in our shop, please send us an email.

Your Malzburg Modeling Team