Malzburg Modellpark

Malzburg Modellpark

Conditioning usage:

  1. In the model - building area it is forbidden to enter the lawns and streets, except for children who play in the farm.
  2. Driving on the roads is reserved exclusively for remote-controlled model vehicles.
  3. Only the channels permitted in the Federal Republic of Germany may be used.
  4. No combustion vehicles may be moved on the roads.
  5. Smoking is prohibited on the model - building site.
  6. Dogs are to be connected. The owner is liable for brought animals.
  7. Waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers.
  8. The use of the racetrack is chargeable for guest drivers.
  9. Guest drivers have to follow the instructions of the Malzburgteams.


The opening times for May - October 2020!


Various prices for events on the site can be found here!


We find ourselves in Mecklenburg on the beautiful Lake Müritz on the B192!


different pictures from our model area in the garden