~MSE~ 1/16 RC Tank Leopard 2A6 "Bundeswehr" with weapon stabilization (pre order)

Product no.: MSE_042

ca.150-200 days

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

~MSE~ 1/16 RC Tank Leopard 2A6 "Bundeswehr" with weapon stabilization  (pre order)

!!!Note the delivery time!!!
This is a commissioned work, the tank will be painted after the order is placed and there is a waiting list!

This tank will only be built & painted for you after purchase.

The RC tank is based on a Taigen Leopard 2A6 and features high-quality technology from Hang Long. It comes fully equipped with many details, such as wire storage baskets and an individually selectable troop identification number.

The equipment also includes a 2.4 GHz remote control, metal gears, a NiMH battery, smoke generators, a sound module, an IR battle system and much more.

The RC tank offers numerous functions such as forward and reverse travel, left and right steering, turret rotation, smoke effects and a realistic sound experience and a weapon stabilization system with target tracking!

With its impressive appearance and extensive functions, the MSE 1/16 RC Leopard 2A6 "Bundeswehr" is an absolute must-have for real tank enthusiasts.

Secure your copy now and enjoy hours of fun with this detailed model.

Product information of the tank:

with smoke from the cannon when fired
with smoke coming from the exhaust
with metal underbody
with metal driving and idler wheels
with metal swing arms
with metal tower
with steel gear
with metal rubber cushion chains
with torsion bar suspension
with antennas
with 2.4 GHz control from Carson
with 5000 NiMH battery
with charger 7.2 V, 400 mA, German standard
with smoke liquid
with IR battle system
with barrel retraction and muzzle flash
Weight: approx. 8.0 kg 




  • Drive forward/backward/drive left/right
  • tower rotation
  • Target tracking left/right, up/down
  • Smoke from the exhaust
  • Smoke when the cannon fires
  • Shot flash



     Use under the direct supervision of adults
     Minimum age: 14 years
     Age recommendation: from 14 years
     Not suitable for children under 36 months.
     Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed

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