~MSE~Special Model~ E-50 ~ RC Tank ~Octopus~ 1/16 (pre order)

Product no.: MSE_021

ca.150-200 days

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

~MAE~ E-50 ~ RC Tank ~ Special Model ~IR~ 1/16


!!! Note the delivery time !!!
This is a commissioned work, the tank will be painted after the order and there is a
waiting list!


This tank will be built and painted after your purchase.

Delivery delays of the individual suppliers may lead to delays in the construction phase.

You can follow the construction of your tank in our blog.

General information about the tank:

  • Metall-Unterwanne
  • Metall-Schmalturm
  • Metall-Treib und Leiträder
  • Metallketten
  • Metall-Federn / Schwingarme
  • Metall-Auspuffanlage
  • Metall-Kühlergitter
  • Metall-Abschleppseile
  • Metall-Werkzeug
  • Kettenspanner
  • 5in1 Stahlgetriebe
  • Entfernungsmesser
  • Nachtsichtgerät funktional
  • Kollonnenlicht grün funktional
  • Akku mit Tamiya-Stecker - 7,2V / 5000 mAh
  • 2,4 Ghz Carson Fernsteuerung 14 Kanal
  • mit Ladebuchse
  • Elmod Fusion Pro
  • Pistor - Rauchmodul  
  • Antenne
  • Ladegerät
  • Lieferumfang:
  • RC Panzer E-50 - IR
  • Akku mit Tamiya-Stecker - 7,2V / 5000 mAh
  • 2,4 Ghz Carson Fernsteuerung 14 Kanal
  • Ladegerät






This tank is specially made for you and the construction of a tank, may take several weeks because of a longer waiting list, please

keep this in mind with your order!   Please pay only after our confirmation!

     Use under the direct supervision of adults
     Minimum age: 14 years
     Age recommendation: from 14 years
     Not suitable for children under 36 months.
     Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed

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